Why WordPress Scares the Heck Outta Web Developers

Why WordPress Scares the Heck Outta Web Developers

written by Derek Weber

“That’s a great idea!  We should put it up on our website.”

“Well, let’s wait until we’ve got a few more changes to make, since our web developer has a one hour minimum, it’ll cost a couple hundred bucks to just add that.”

Does this conversation sound familiar?  Sometimes this conversation only happens inside of your head, but I know that I said something similar to that quite a few times when I had a regular old website.

Have you seen those Scottrade Commercials with the expensive broker having his yacht-time interrupted by another customer leaving for Scottrade?  Well, guess what people, the same thing is happening in the world of websites, with a platform called WordPress.

WordPress is an open source platform, making it the iPhone of the web-world.  What does this mean to you?  It means thousands upon thousands of the best developers across the world are developing “apps” and other improvements to WordPress to make it the most dynamic, problem-solving, revenue-generating tool the Web 2.0 has seen.

Granted, WordPress sites aren’t inherently powerful, just as a Ferrari sitting in the garage isn’t fast…only if you have the knowledge, ability, and the keys to take your WordPress website out on the information superhighway, will you see it’s true strength and power.  That’s where we come in.

As most of you know by now, we recently added WordPress websites to our arsenal of integrated targeted marketing tools.  What you may or may not know, is why our approach is so much different and so much more effective for you, the small business owner.

We are not developers or designers, we are enablers.  We empower our clients to take back control of their website by not just setting up the site, handing you the keys, smacking you on the butt, and say “go get ‘em champ. If you need us, our $150/hr fees will be here waiting.”  That’s not us at all.  In fact the most valuable part of our $1,500 Standard Website Package, is the 2 hour training (that is recorded and emailed to you) showing you exactly how to do everything you need to do in order to keep your site up to date, optimized for search engines, and make the content a reflection of you.

If you are tired of being held hostage by your web developer, even if you don’t go with us, I implore you to do some research and find out how you can own your site, how you can own your content, and how you can own your professional presence online.  We would be more than happy to chat with you to see if our approach to websites would fit your needs.  Feel free to read a little more abut our WordPress Platform websites and then call or email me with any questions you may have.

Derek Weber
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