Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner! #goSOCIALgo

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner! #goSOCIALgo

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner!

After sifting through literally tens of responses for our #goSOCIALgo scavenger hunt, we can finally announce our prize winner, and our prize!

Heather Coil, of Xiolink, successfully became a fan, became a follower, became a subscriber, connected, and answered the four questions, AND THE TIEBREAKER!

For those of you who wish to congratulate Heather, you can contact her via Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube!

The answers:

1.Facebook: matt mullenweg founder of WordPress
2.Linkedin: account manager/offline production manager
3.Twitter: 173 (at the time)
4. Youtube: Plumber, historian

Tiebreaker: the Easter Bunny!

…and as for her prize:

Heather gets the opportunity to travel back to the goBRANDgo! offices. But wait, we’re not through yet! Upon arrival, she will also receive an autographed* copy of “Social Media Marketing for Dummies!

Congrats, Heather!

*autographed by @zenironman and @timdeanstl

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