Wins- 1st week in March

Wins- 1st week in March

The Scene!  Our office this week was the scene of some pretty incredible Wins.  A great week, captured in some great interactions with clients, partners, and friends.  To those who had the opportunity to stop in and meet with our team, I’m sure you could feel the electricity buzzing in the air (and no that isn’t our furnace Mark Jackson with CallAllAir).  To those who didn’t get a chance, stop by this week and say hello (or to get your email set up on your computer, find out how to add pictures to your website again, shoot some basketball hoops and discuss how many more people you want us to meet- Harv Citerman-

For my top Wins of the week:

1. OCD- Outdoor Creative Design– Thank you for stopping by to meet our team and discuss your marketing potential.  You have an incredible business that is obviously taking off due to the commitment of such a talented team.  Hearing your story of perseverance in the face of those who would set to keep you down, is a true entrepreneurial and American spirit that we love to work with.  Thank you for the opportunity to work with you as a true partner and share in your success!

2. Sometimes you get an email that stops you in your tracks and makes you pause to smile and enjoy the moment.  Bryan Jefferson, The SOHO Shop, thank you for your awesome email to so many expressing your gratitude and appreciation for our help with your booth at the St. Louis Home and Garden Show.  We were very proud to see it all come together and were absolutely honored to have been spoken of in such high regard.  Partners like you guys are what make our business tick, thank for the AWESOME opportunity to work with such an incredible group.

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