Wins for the Week 11/15 [ Hi! I'm Scott's Friend ]

Wins for the Week 11/15 [ Hi! I'm Scott's Friend ]

Making friends is a difficult thing to do these days.  You have to meet the people, somehow stick out in their memory, leave them, remember them, then hunt them down and friend them on Facebook to make them your official friend. Remember people, nothing is real until its on the internet, including friendship.

With that said, lets talk about all of the friends we have been making here at goBRANDgo!  First and foremost, Scott “The Name Tag Guy” Ginsberg (@nametagscott) volunteered his time, his girlfriend’s time, and a lot of great insights.  He has an amazing story and I highly recommend you meet him, hear him speak, and/or purchase all of his books in triplicate.  Other than his story leading up to his, AHA! moment, he had knowledge to shovel upon our heads.  All about approachability and branding yourself.  Favorite quote: “Anger is the ember of initiative.” If you don’t like something, change it!  Also, “how sticky is your brand?” That was great one, done while looking at his super sticky name tag.  And my favorite little exercise to repeat:

Madlibs:  (fill in the blanks, repost it below!)

My Brand seeks to create _________(blah) in moments of __________(blah)!

Say it to the person next to you, they should smile and nod, or laugh… it’s a madlib!

We already got some great feedback from some current friends: Stan Angelov of REMAX, Dr. Eddie Weller of Atlas Institute of Health, and a great post by our friends over at Abtrakt Marketing (sorry i don’t know how to turn the “k” backwards)

It’s on the internet, you are our friends, we also have some other big wins, started work for Ride on St. Louis! A new friend of goBRANDgo!  They were my friends first.  Also, it was fantastic to get so many of our clients, friends, new friends, and some random people out to our office for our go!Getter Series.  Come on out to the next one too. Friends are WINS!

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