Wins for the Week 2-7

Wins for the Week 2-7

A fantastic end to a kick-butt month!  We’ve got some exciting ones for you today…

First off, we received some great news Friday afternoon from Patti Guttmann with the Small Business Administration…we were named the SBA Young Entrepreneurs of the Year for the Greater St Louis District.  A big thank you to Laura Tabat with JCI who nominated us, as well as Ron Amelin-Small Business Monthly, Ryan Mortland-MB Consulting, Becca Aune-FOCUS-St Louis, and Patrick Brown-Office of the Mayor, for your wonderful letters of recommendation…they were all really amazing and were no doubt a great help in our selection!

So, the coolest part about this award is that the fun may not be over quite yet.  Our application has been sent off to the Regional Level for judging.  If we are fortunate enough to win at that level, our application would then go to the National Level…if we rocked it at that level, we’d get to go to the White House and meet President Obama…pretty sweet, huh?!?

SBA Young Entrepreneurs of the Year Award

Since we do truly embody all things Entrepreneur, there’s no way we could just sit back and passively hope this opportunity would unfold by itself, so we’re putting out the bat (go!) signal asking for your assistance…to help us go! to the White House.  We worked all weekend on putting together a marketing plan that will be rolled out throughout the week, but rest assured, we’ll need your help.  Details to come later today…

The 2nd Big Win of the Week, was actually a Win for the Month of January.  Because of how many great companies we had the pleasure of working with in January, we not only beat our revenue goal of the month, we absolutely crushed it…+152% of our goal!!!

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