Wins For The Week 8/15/11

Wins For The Week 8/15/11

Wow, today marks my sixth month at goBRANDgo!.  This has been an exhilarating ride since day one at our corporate office off of Wisconsin Avenue located in the Benton Park Neighborhood.  You just have to learn to go! with the flow and strap on your seat belts, as you never know when the go! bus is going to launch another fantastic WIN, like most recently 1) Receiving many “go! shout-outs” from the recent livestream WordCamp SanFrancisco presentation by Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, who presented his ‘State of the Word’ keynote on Sunday, August 14th, and 2) Having our first Mobile App for International Institute-Festival of Nations iPhone App go live on You Tube.

One of the things that I like most about working here at goBRANDgo! is that fact that your “word” is heard and we all strive to share the go!spel of goBRANDgo!, along with implementing our  Mission, Vision, and Values.  Derek, Brandon, and Lisa are constantly pushing us to better ourselves as a person and as a go! team member.  Everything is an open book here at goBRANDgo! and the revolving doors constantly remind us of new opportunities and creative inspirations.  I really enjoy attending our quarterly meetings, because Derek, Brandon, and Lisa insist on participation from each and every go! team member.  For instance, one group huddle at our last meeting included all us being broken up into teams to talk about our Mission, Vision and Values – Each groups were assigned to discuss one section of our Mission, Vision, and Values and were given 15 minutes to discuss, and then choose someone at goBRANDgo! that represents this Mission, Vision, or Values.  Rob Walters and I were given to go! Mission: “To Empowergize People & Organizations with the Innovation, Imagination, and Inspiration to See Higher…Be Better.”  This was a “no brainer” for me, as I have known Derek all of his life, and he resembled this Mission and Vision… ever since he was little, especially as seen in the newspaper article when he was only six-years old.  I always he knew he would do great things, even then…he had a vision of a young entrepreneur and a plan, even then.  I encourage you to read this short story about a little boy whose dream of owning his own business may have started with this simple collection of baseball cards and his knack of memorizing the stats of each and every baseball player. I hear there is another entrepreneur story from one of other owners that involves a lemonade stand and lawn mowing business that they had as a child…hmm, maybe this person will share their story in the comment section noted below!

August was the kick-off for the go! YOUniversity and our first class “Get go!ized” included the first go! Tour 101 this past week.  I have to admit, I have a fear of getting up and speaking in front of people, but I am happy to say that I have my first go! Tour with my friend and colleague, Gail Kellermann, this Thursday, August 18th.

Additional Wins this week was assisting Keith & Megan Kronen with their wedding party t-shirts (60 in total), which they wore to the Cardinal’s game last Thursday evening.

I had another win assisting Anne Dressler with her softball shirts for St. Luke’s 30th Annual Women’s Softball Tournament, which was held this past weekend.  Also, Mary Ann Bindbeutel with SLU Physical Therapy came to us again and we were happy to supply them with their SLU PT Class 2017 t-shirts.  Many thanks to all of our clients for trusting goBRANDgo! with their business  needs.

On a personal level, I mailed out my Save The Date magnets and put up 11 quarts of pickles (dill & sweet), and 7 pints of spaghetti sauce!

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