Wins for the Week Jan-17

Wins for the Week Jan-17

Around 8:30am this morning the brightly energetic and somewhat bushy eyed team of goBRANDgo! assembled around our The Win Board to discuss how much booty we kicked last week, and while I will allow my compatriots to comment on their wins in the days to come I thought I might highlight one such win that received a lot of attention.

Red Cross St. Louis- You Rock!  Jessica, Lisa, Derek, and I all agreed that you topped our charts last week for the top “WIN” of the week.

For those of you just learning about our WIN STRUCTURE click here .

A few months ago the Red Cross St. Louis Chapter and goBRANDgo! began discussing a new fund raising initiative aimed at helping schools, sports teams, scouts, church groups, and all sorts of other organizations raise money while helping their local community.  Last week our combined All Star team took the first step with a 3.5 hour Strategic Planning and Messaging Exercise.  This exercise helped to develop the core messages as well as next steps in building the new fund raising program.

Red Cross St. Louis, thank you for a great time last week and fun opportunity!  More to come!

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