Wins for the Week Jan-30

Wins for the Week Jan-30

Last week was SLUMA-tastic

I have to say that my highlight was touring the SLU Museum of Art and meeting with the marketing coordinator, Mary Marshall. If you are like me, you had no idea that SLU even had an art museum, let alone a gorgeous  building with 4 full floors overflowing with very impressive collections. I was thoroughly & pleasantly surprised. Besides it’s permanent collection, the museum is gearing to have a great line up of exhibits in 2011. I am very excited that we have an opportunity to work with them & help promote great art in our city. The first exhibit/event this year will feature Tom Huck, a Potosi/St. Louis native, who creates amazingly intricate woodcut prints. I got a sneak peek at the artwork & I’m already looking forward to seeing it again! (exhibit opening details here).

Noteworthy tidbits: SLUMA has in it’s collection an enormous Chuck Close painting (one of the cool ones with all the tiny circles that he painted later in life) as well as a thorn from the actual ‘Crown of Thorns’. SLUMA also hosts outdoor events in the summer in their beautiful courtyard.

Here’s to another week!

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