Wins go!-ing Forward

Wins go!-ing Forward

It’s with mixed emotions that I share my stint at goBRANDgo! is nearing its end. And while I’m excited about the new career I’ll begin April 2nd – also in St. Louis – I am very thankful about my time at gBg!, and I am amazed how much I’ve learned in just 13 months.

From the week-one, drink-from-a-fire-hose immersion to eventually wearing many professional hats, e.g., business development, project management, and client delivery, I learned something new about website or graphic design nearly every day. I also rediscovered my passion for educating business owners on the power, and value, of implementing effective marketing campaigns.

Thank you to Travers Auto Group, Skeleton Key, Kaufman Broadcast and Metro Design Salon Studios, just to name a few, for allowing me to help elevate your company’s marketing messages. I also want to thank Bill Prenatt with e4e for his unwavering pursuit to transform St. Louis into a national entrepreneurial hub.

Finally, to Derek and Brandon: Thank you for your vision, your dedication, and your support. I am truly grateful to both of you for giving me the opportunity to join the go!-team. It’s my time to go!-it forward. Of course, with so much social media, it’s never really good-bye. It’s merely, “See you online.”

Hmm. Online (and offline) connecting. Now where have I heard that concept before?


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