Wishes Come True!

Wishes Come True!

Yet another reason why we here at goBRANDgo! are innovative.  Some people would have office chatter and get to questions, such as: “what is your favorite holiday?”  Everyone in the office, except myself(I live for the 3rd of July) shouts “Christmas!”  Who doesn’t like giving and receiving gifts for no other reason than to make everyone happy?  Instead of leaving it at a consensus, we here at the office take action.

Katie LeMarsh led us in a new workplace improvement initiative.  It is simply called “Secret go!Buddies”,  in which EVERY MONTH we draw go! Balls with our names written on them and have to do one nice thing for that person before the end of the month.  I have seen homemade brownies, a six pack in the fridge on a Friday, gift cards to local favorites, personalized coasters, and more to come. And we try to keep it as anonymous as possible.

Thank you, to my secret go! Buddy by the way a couple cold beers at the end of the week with coworkers makes me never want to leave.

The next time you have a “wouldn’t it be awesome if…” moment, do something, be awesome, and make life that much more fun.

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