With a Grain of Salt

With a Grain of Salt

Today is Wednesday, December 8th 2010. Tomorrow morning I will be waking up at 6:30 AM, taking the dog out to shit in the neighbors yard, drink some coffee, hog the bathroom, and by 8:30 AM I will be sitting at my desk helping design some of the most influential apparel and promotional products in the St. Louis market. The only downside to this experience occurs around 10:00 PM, when I catch up on the world watching the news. Unfortunately the “media” today is hell bent on drilling in my head that the economy is shitty, unemployment is high and Julian Assange is worse than Osama Bin Laden in the eyes of US security. This is the epitome of a Debbie downer.

Thankfully, I am not only good at designing marketing material and promotional products, but I am also astute at remembering what my gracious elders taught me… “take some things in life with a grain of salt”. Whether you lean politically to the left or the right (I carry my purse on my right shoulder, so I’ll let you make the assumption) it is easy to watch certain news channels and become enlightened with a certain point of view. Watching and reading news, or any information for that matter, a few hours a day can become quite influential on our lives…for better or worse.

The point is to take this news with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, the beauty of free market capitalism has given us news which can be bias. Fortunately there are several options to choose from. Unfortunately, not all of us are intelligent enough to decipher opinion from news, or even what news is embellished.  What we end up with is a herd of sheep following whatever they hear word for word and regurgitating it out to everyone else. Personally, I don’t herd very well. I like to think of myself more as a lone wolf, occasionally joining up with the reputable packs to share knowledge.

The news is what it is. The news is also how you take it.  A lot of my friends are right out of college looking for work, but they aren’t sitting in the unemployment line looking for answers that are never found. I like to associate myself with go getters, people out knocking down doors to find a job, chasing down dreams, harassing potential clients for new business. On this Wednesday afternoon, or Thursday morning, or whenever you are reading this, take what you hear on your TV with a grain of salt. Continue striving for the stars, and don’t let “news” influence your confidence. Customers are out there to be found, we just have to dig. Ladies and Gentlemen, don’t let the TV instill fear into you today. Turn that fear into activity to help change the way others perceive today’s economic environment…

Business is open, and goBRANDgo! will help you open those doors even further.

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