Witnessed a Neighborhood Fire Today

Witnessed a Neighborhood Fire Today

I saw a fire today on the way to work at goBRANDgo!.

I just happened to have all of my camera gear with me, so I followed the smoke to a house fire near Utah and Jefferson. When I arrived, the fire was just starting to spread. There weren’t any firetrucks yet, but I could hear sirens coming in every direction.

What started as an impulse to take pictures ended up as a realization: no one was looking after the people that lived at this house.

Several people were violently shivering, freezing in this morning’s 5 degree weather. So I put down the camera and invited these people to warm up in my car until they were called upon.

We talked. We warmed up. We watched the house burn. We watched the firemen fight the fire. We hung out until they were called upon.

It was an electrical fire. The house was ok, but the guest house and livable shed were burned down. No one was harmed. All of their dogs got out alright.

Today, I was forced to remember that in the end, it’s about taking care of people. The owner was providing low cost rent to her tenants. The firemen were there to put out the fire, and they were able to save the house. I was there to keep my neighbors warm.

Take care of each other today and every tomorrow.

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