Shackled by your web developer? – Here’s an option…

Shackled by your web developer? – Here’s an option…

So many people are held hostage by their web developer because they feel (and are told) that managing a web presence is something that should be left to a skilled professional.  Disregard that, that skilled professional is probably a team of one, has little to no social skills, and has had no business training whatsoever.

The web is a new place where anyone I MEAN ANYONE can be taught how to manage their online presence.  Proof?  Just look at the surge in online startup’s all using the tools available to them to start and grow successful businesses.  Let’s look at one of these CMS’s (Content Management Systems), WordPress.  Why WordPress you ask?

WordPress is used by 12% of the world’s biggest 1,000,000 websites. (source Wikipedia-wordpress)  Still not impressed? In 2009 WordPress won the best Open Source CMS Award.  What does that mean- it means that WordPress is the leader, is here to stay, and is worth taking a serious look at to run your website.  Who uses WordPress, let’s see- CNN, Rolling Stone, Yahoo, NASA, Flickr, and The New York Times, just to name a few.  Now, what can it do for a smaller business?

WordPress puts you in control in 5 key areas:

  1. Own all your own content, pictures, and media
  2. Add/Edit pages/blog posts on your own
  3. Limitless abilities
  4. Control your own Search Engine Optimization
  5. Interact with your customers on your terms

1.     Own your content.  The majority of web developers do not allow you to own your content or code.  What’s funny is that most people pay a web developer to build their site, only to find out when they want to change something or move to another provider, they have to pay the original person who built their site a ridiculous amount of money.  The reason most developers work this way is that they want YOU to be a built in client, paying them for every little change you want on your site.  This leads to old, outdated sites, that don’t attract new customers or properly reflect a professional business.  Self-hosting WordPress allows you to OWN everything, your content, your code, your pictures, and yours to do with what you want.

2.     Add Edit Pages/Posts on your own. WordPress has a built in GUI (Graphical User Interface) or WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) pronounce Wizzywig.  This easy to use interface looks similar to Microsoft Word and allows you to edit text and type as if you were typing a document or building a presentation.  Then, behind the scenes, WordPress writes all the complicated html and php code for you, you never have to see it.

3.     Limitless abilities.  This means no amount or limit to pages, content, pictures, etc on your site (provided your hosting account allows for this).  WordPress can catalog, organize, and publish as many pages, blog posts, and everything else as you can type.  What’s best is that you don’t have to pay anything additional for this content.  Create a page in just a few minutes and have your words and business on the web with just a few clicks.  It sounds so simple, but what’s crazy is that it really is that simple.

4.     Control your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  There are hundreds of SEO “Consultants” running around trying to charge a lot of money Search Engine Optimize your site (help you show up on Google).  Many of these experts claim to fame simply lies in the amount of Facebook friends they have, or Twitter followers following them.  They can’t really show you what you need to do to show up on Google because honestly, it’s so easy you could do it yourself and don’t need to pay them.  WordPress makes adding Titles, descriptions, keywords, and everything else a cinch.  Optimizing your site takes time and knowledge, not money with WordPress.

5.     Interact with your customers on your terms.  If you can control your online presence, you have the power to market in today’s fast paced economy.  Running a special- post it on your site.  Offering a new product or service- create a new page.  Want to be seen as an expert- put it on your blog. There’s just no limit to how you can interact with your customers.  You can control the message, delivery, and methods.  Interact with customers as much as you like and grow your business in your own way.

Yes, goBRANDgo! builds in WordPress, but how did we get started?  My father called me one day several years ago extremely upset that his web developer just charged him $150 to add a link on his site!  Frustrated and fed up, he asked me if there was a way I could teach him how to run his site, without him learning how to write code.  After a few months of mastering WordPress, we built his site and I trained him in just a few hours to run his Web site.  That was 3 years and 61 web sites ago.  Now, our company is the leader in WordPress development in St. Louis, what other companies charge $5,000 for (and hire us to do anyways) we charge $1500.  If you’re interested in learning more, contact me personally and let’s talk about how to make your business stand out online.

Brandon Dempsey
BDempsey (at)

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