WordPress Meetup at gBg!

WordPress Meetup at gBg!

Last week, goBRANDgo! hosted its first-ever WordPress Meetup event, emceed by yours truly. Having never attended a Meetup of this type before, I did not know what to expect or how to run it. As it turns out, it pretty much ran itself.

After a little bit of meet-n-greet, we had a little bit of sit-down chat time. We brainstormed ideas, subjects, problems, and issues that we would all like to see addressed. As it happens, I managed to awkwardly, left-handedly, and illegibly scrawl the ideas on a whiteboard:

After the brainstorming session, something incredible happened. “What if,” said the group in unison, as if compelled by an unseen force (hereafter referred to as “die WortPresseGeist”), “we used the Meetups as a vehicle to create our own WordPress installation? What if we built it step-by-step from nothing, using each piece of the planning, design, installation, development, maintenance and future innovation processes as learning and teaching experiences, giving each of us a way to share our specific skill-sets and to benefit from the noosphere that develops around our community?”

It was weird. I’ve never heard anyone use the word “noospehere” out loud, let alone 13 people en masse.

More than weird, though, it was amazing! What could have been a casual chat-fest had become the birthplace of (no hyperbole here, I assure you) what might be the single greatest accomplishment that mankind has ever witnessed. True Story.

Looking forward to next month!

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