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WordPress website incorporating a large video library and Hubspot integration

In an employee review, one of our go!mates once said, “When I think of our team, ability is never a question.”

In an employee review, one of our go!mates once said, “When I think of our team, ability is never a question.” This project pushed our design and development teams to expand their knowledge, working with new softwares and leveraging data in ways we’d never thought of before. Our brains are stronger, and we have added a bunch of new tricks to our bag as a result of this challenging website. Here’s how we creatively developed smart solutions for this project by leveraging technology:

Transferrable Lessons
Getting Our Code On With Marketing Software Integration

This project presented a brand new challenge: integrating one of our custom websites with HubSpot. Not only does this website look awesome, but this project also exemplified the most extensive integration within WordPress we had ever attempted. We wrapped all buttons and forms on the website in HubSpot specific code, to streamline and integrate all website tracking into our client’s marketing software. We worked with HubSpot representatives directly to troubleshoot issues along the way, and in the end we came out fluent in HubSpot language.

Hurting Our Brains to Categorize a Huge Library of Videos

We were pretty familiar with Wistia, a video hosting and analytics software, coming into this project, having used it in the past to host and embed videos for two learning portal projects for other clients. However, this time we weren’t just building a website that had videos, we were building a website for a video company. We used the Wistia Developer’s API for the first time, which allowed us to have full customization over the code, because of that, we were able to create a categorized video library, delivering a better user experience by allowing potential customers to easily look up and access example video content relevant to their needs.

“C” is for Cookie

When we begin the website process for any client, we map out the desired action of many different user personas. Our goal is to have 100% of user interactions with websites we build result in some type of conversation. On this project, we learned how to leverage cookies to allow users to access “locked” video content for 60 days after entering their email address, while tracking these conversions through HubSpot and Wistia’s CRM and analytics.

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