You Are the Expert. You Have Time To Blog.

You Are the Expert. You Have Time To Blog.

When last we spoke, you were saying something about not having time to work on your company’s blog? About how you didn’t see the value of wasting time on the computer when you could be actually getting something done?

Let’s just take a deep breath. I’m going to let you into my headspace for a second… Perhaps you’ll be able to see where I’m coming from.

Right now, there are literally billions of people in the world that have no idea who you are. Billions. But they should know you. They should all know you and what you bring to the table. Do you know why?

Because You Are the Expert.

You have answers to questions they didn’t even know they had. You are the authority on your corner of the world. You are the only one who can offer what you offer. There is no one in your space. You Are the Expert.

This is the second in a series of posts debunking the firmly held myth that there’s no time to blog. In the first post, we discussed SEO. Now, we’re going to look at what blogging can do for you—and more importantly—what it can do for your customers.

Okay, you have a company. You have services or products and you are selling those things to provide value to others and to make a profit (or to benefit a cause in the case of non-profits, but we’ll simplify our nomenclature down to profit motivation here). You have a website. You have a Facebook Fan Page, a Twitter account, and an Instagram.

So what?

Your competitors have the same things, and more that you haven’t even thought of yet. They have bigger budgets and they’ve been doing it longer than you have. They have marketing machines deforesting the landscape of your potential clients and customers. So what can you do that starts to make a dent?

Well, what separates you from them? What made you hang out your shingle? What made you think you could run a business? I’ll tell you what:

You Are the Expert.

small__645420567Spacely Sprockets is better than Cogswell Cogs because George Jetson knows how to hit that button. He’s the expert. And in this day and age (the real future), George needs to let his audience know that he’s the expert. Otherwise, they will let the Jetson’s-reality version of Amazon do their research and make their decision for them.

Overwhelmingly, when people have questions, they turn to Google for their answers. Our tendency as human beings is to have a feeling of trust and goodwill towards people who make us feel smarter or help us through a difficult or trying situation.

What if I told you that every time you write a blog post that answers someone’s question, you’re building in a portion of trust and goodwill that will work for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? What if I told you that every time you’re able to show that you can make pushing a button look easy, your theoretical clients become that much closer to becoming practical clients?

That’s exactly what I am telling you.

Not only do you increase your readership and subscriptions every time you have information that addresses specific issues and solves specific problems, but you establish in the hearts and minds of your readers and of the internet at large that You Are the Expert.

Ryan Hanley

More Ryan at

More Ryan at

Ryan Hanley, creator of the Content Warfare podcast, started off as (and continues to be) an insurance broker. He decided one day to answer 100 questions in 100 days. He took questions that he got asked by his potential clients, and simply posted answers to those questions online. For 100 days.

You can read about his grand experiment here, but the upshot is that he had near-immediate results starting when he began blogging. Hits to the website increased, customer inquiries increased, qualified leads increased, and sales from the website increased.

He became the expert.

You Are the Expert.

You know what your audience wants to know. You have a point of view. You have the answers. You can build that trust. You can build that goodwill. You can get those clients.

You Are the Expert.

Use your expertise. Make the time to show your customers that you are the best at pushing the button. Let them know that you know the answers to all of their questions.

Get on the website and blog. Answer questions, give step-by-step instructions, give your expert opinions. Be the voice of your brand. Be the voice of your industry. Be the voice of success.

Show them that You Are the Expert.

photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc

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