Young. Hip. and Hiring.

Young. Hip. and Hiring.

Young, Hip, and Hiring

Here at goBRANDgo! we empowergize entrepreneurs through innovative marketing.
(and of course by making up ^ our own sweet words…)

We’re looking for more Rock Stars to join our team!

See our STRICT hiring criteria below:

Sales Coordinator Intern

Basically someone who:

  1. Lives life by a planner… even during the summer (organized).
  2. Doodled in class and still got an A (can multi-task).
  3. Dresses up as Robin for Halloween (appreciates side kicks)
  4. Words With Friends All Time Champ (think fast on your feet)

Content Intern

Basically someone who:

  1. Can turn “Integrated Targeted Marketing” into “Empowergizing Entrepreneurs” (turn people’s jargon into content poetry).
  2. Has wasted countless hours improving their Klout, Kred, and SocialOomph Scores. (#socialMediaMaven)
  3. Loves to karaoke (can be a voice for our clients message)
  4. Your inbox was always full of your friend’s final exam papers (editing pro)

The internship is paid and can be full time/part time depending on qualifications.

If you think you’ve got what it takes please send all resumes, inquiries, and bar napkin sketches to




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