The Mission
To Empowergize People and Organizations

with the innovation, imagination, and inspiration to see higher and be better.

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Brandon Dempsey
Derek Weber

Back in 2003, while Derek was an undergraduate at Saint Louis University, he sat outside his academic advisor’s office one afternoon as he contemplated what his future would hold post-graduation. As he waited, he picked up a magazine to pass the time – and came across an article that sparked an idea. Derek’s idea grew into a plan, and that plan became a mission…and goBRANDgo! was founded. 

Across town, another young entrepreneur, Brandon Dempsey, started his first company in college after seeing an opportunity in the Human Resources industry.  He went on to sell that company, start a new one in online marketing, and ultimately merge forces with Derek.  

Since then, we have cultivated our culture and process, developing goBRANDgo! into what it is today, a full-service marketing and digital agency working to empowergize entrepreneurs. We are strategic advisors—the guardians of legacies and the champion of the everyday entrepreneur. We empowergize people and organizations with the innovation, imagination, and inspiration to see higher and be better, every day.


We've earned our fair share of hardware over the years here at goBRANDgo! in the form of awards and recognition. We are proud to say that while we always love to win, our priority is to win market share and bottom-line results for our clients, rather than trophies and plaques.

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Are you a rock star? Are you compelled to create a vision of success and see it through? Are you more interested in having a direct impact on businesses and the lives of their owners and teams, rather than adding a big brand's logo to your resume? If you've read this far, and you're empowergized, here's where to apply to join the go!-Team.

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we really love what we do and enjoy the process

Nothing is more satisfying than cracking open a new package of low-odor Expo dry erase markers in front of a pristine whiteboard. Our team is passionate and committed to refining our systems and processes to be as effective and efficient as possible. At goBRANDgo!, all of our go!-mates have a voice...may the best idea win.

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