Crystal Clear Communication

Crystal Clear Communication

“This project pushed us to examine the clarity, courageousness, and proactivity of our communications.” 

WordPress website with a large team directory and functionality for individual brokers to create and post their own blogs.

It’s one of our core values: Courageously communicate with honesty and transparency. This project pushed us to examine the clarity, courageousness, and proactivity of our communications. We extracted many key takeaways from this project, improving our entire website process as a result.

Transferrable Lessons
Lots of Cooks in the Kitchen, a/k/a Committees are Hard

We learned a lot from working with a large committee on this project. Here’s what we took away:

  • At the beginning of the project, we establish which committee members are accountable for being present at in-person meetings and on conference calls
  • Developed a “Page Review Form” at the bottom of every webpage during development
    • Anyone with the link can make comments on the page
    • The client’s feedback is immediately shared with our team – no waiting until the next meeting or sorting through and forwarding random emails
    • We get a broader spectrum of feedback from different levels of the client’s organization
Wordpress Snafus to Wordpress Savvy

We touched the proverbial hot stove (resulting in data loss) due to a lack of understanding of the staging vs. live environment on this project. We learned:

  • To clearly identify and assign responsibilities for content entry
  • We now assign each person their own individual WordPress username and password – both internally and on the client side
  • We take screen capture videos whenever we assist a client with a task on the backend of the website, which we then upload to a shared Dropbox folder for future reference
  • We researched and implemented a new plugin which gives account managers key insight on how the client is using the backend of WordPress
  • We have incorporated reviewing this usage data into our new website After Action Report.
How Not to Kill the Budget if it Doesn’t Go Live On Time

Since we worked with a large committee, we had a lot of feedback coming in close to the last minute, so our client requested that we push back the go!-live date. As a result, we weren’t able to move other projects to the top of our priority list, because this website was hanging out in limbo – meaning that when we got this project completed, our developers had to dead-sprint to get the other projects in the queue completed on time. Here’s what we’re doing to avoid this in the future:

  • We have now developed and implemented a clear process for what happens if the client isn’t ready to take the site live on the scheduled date (as long as we’ve met our internal deadlines and clearly communicated deadlines for when feedback from the client is due).
  • This process is now outlined and discussed during the proposal phase of our sales process.

Bottom line? We really learned how to take putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes a step further on this project. We faced a lot of challenges, but this website drove many innovations that we now look back on and think, “Wait, we used to not do that?”

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