Starting a Movement- How to be a Leader

Starting a Movement- How to be a Leader

Ever wondered what it takes to be a great leader?  Or how to start a movement?  Watch this quick video:

Now let’s break this down to you and your business.

A leader is not afraid to stand out, be ridiculed, or even look a little silly.  Leaders try new things, fail, learn, and succeed.  In the past 8 months, since joining forces with Derek I have personally had the opportunity to watch some amazing people step out and become leaders.  What’s so key is that a true leader knows when to forge the path and when to follow and support someone else.  From there a leader shows their skills through their actions, not words.

The old adage, “actions speak louder than words.” could not be any more true when it comes to great leadership.  So many of our great leaders are quiet heroes, they don’t seek fame or fortune, but lead because there is a need.  In our team at goBRANDgo! each team member is encouraged to step up and lead various projects, tasks, and initiatives.  We all have our strengths, but what makes us such a great team of leaders is each individual’s willingness to follow and support different ideas.

What are you doing different to lead in your business, industry, or life?  I can tell you that in our business, we ask people, “what is it about your prior (web developer, Promotional products supplier, Designer, Marketing Company) that you didn’t like,” and then we build our company around what they are looking for.  Some claim that they aren’t communicated with enough- Done, we now send Monday emails to all clients whose projects we are working on.  Others claim that they never felt like they were on the same page- Done, we now spend hours up front (before we even agree to do business together) learning about our client’s businesses and seeing if we are good fit.  Is goBRANDgo! perfect?  NO way, we make mistakes, encounter issues, and forget things (mainly me), but we are always working to lead and move forward.  To me it’s about the end result and if I can lead you to the results we set out to achieve, I have done my job.  And that’s what leading in a business to me is all about- the movement and action of moving forward.  There are always going to be mistakes, hurt feelings, missed deadlines, etc. but solid leadership gets the team to the end goal whether that be increased profits, increased traffic, more business, or a better brand image.

So leaders this is my challenge to you– are you too afraid to fail or are you ready to embrace leadership and help others achieve their goals.  Good leaders keep harmony, great leaders start a movement and get everyone to a better place.    I can’t promise fame and fortune, but what I can promise is a solid impact in the lives of those who support your leadership.  To those of you who follow me and I you, thank you for making that impact in my life.

Be that leader today and not only will others follow, but they’ll appreciate you and your business more for it.

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