Wins for the Week 5/23

Wins for the Week 5/23

Ladies and gentlemen, please let me be the first to share the great news of the week….goBRANDgo! now has a third coffee pot in our office.

While this may seem like a big deal to some, to the crew of goBRANDgo!, we have yet again helped to improve our efficiency and productivity. To further illustrate our newly improved efficiency levels, we will turn to a simple algebraic equation…

If 1  pot of coffee equals 1 cup of coffee for 4 goBRANDgo! employees, and there are 13 caffeine starved employees (minus 1, because Derek does not drink coffee) requiring 5 cups of coffee each per day, how many pots of coffee will it take to keep each employee at 100% productivity from 8:30am to 5:30pm on any given weekday?

(Pn)-pots needed
(Pa)-pots available
(Cn)-cups needed
(Ca)-cups available

(13e-1e) x 5Cn=60Cn per day
60Cn/4Ca=15Pn per day
15Pn/3Pa=5b per Pa

As you can see, with 3 available coffee pots, we can now have 12 cups of coffee available at one given time. Whereas, with 2 available coffee pots, we would only have 8 cups of coffee available at one given time, leaving 4 goBRANDgo! employees unhappy and at a reduced productivity level. Over all, coffee=good:new coffee pot=WIN!

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